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Apollo Payroll

Top 3 Features


Unlimited Payroll Runs Per Period

Apollo Payroll has no concept of balance forward or period close down. This can present a change of thinking for those used to the traditional payroll workflow of:
collect data ⇒ process payroll ⇒ produce reports ⇒ close down period and balance forward
But this leads to the ability to make as many payroll runs in a single PAYE period as required. You can pay any member of staff any number of times and Apollo Payroll will sort out the accumulated NI and tax for the period accordingly. Each payroll run will then be sent to HMRC as a separate FPS.

Apollo Payroll does still have the concept of a period summary which can be produced after the period payroll(s) are complete. However we can still process further payroll runs in the PAYE period and simply produce another summary report (and associated EPS filing) when required.


Employee Portal

Apollo Payroll includes an employee portal. Each employee can be given a unique user id and password to enable them to log in and view their own payroll information including tax office details, year to date figures and payments and also to enable them to download payslips for, up to, the last 3 years and P60s. Potentially reducing the support work for the HR department.


Integrated RTI Reporting

Full support for FPS and EPS filing using RTI is included. An FPS can be submitted to the Test-in-Live Service first if required.
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